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Traditionally, nobody likes a nosy neighbor. The busy-body next door, peering through parted curtains, is a well-worn cliché and stock character in fiction for this reason. Whether we’ve ever experienced a meddlesome neighbor firsthand, or not, we can surely identify with the nuisance one could prove to be.

Alas, other kinds of neighbors can be problematic as well, and as a parent, property owner, or simply a citizen seeking a peaceful home life, there are sometimes entirely just reasons for investigating those living nearby.

What was that screaming? What is that smell?

Even those of us who insistently keep to ourselves will sometimes encounter a neighbor who makes their personal comings and goings our concern; whether we want them to be or not. One needn’t be susceptible to scare-stories of “stranger danger,” and prone to paranoiac sightings of shadowy and mysterious late night, backyard burials to recognize suspicious behaviors.

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We all are equipped with at least some of the five human senses that can be engaged by the effects of behaviors – as they permeate our homes — despite our best efforts to ignore them. Our floors will shake from noise, or we’ll wretch from stenches, or we’ll even see with our own two eyes people behaving fishier than even the most pungent odor.

We each have our own thresholds of tolerance for this kind of stuff, but one is rarely out of line in investigating such things when the safety of their own family, or – while of vastly less importance, of course – the value of their property may be compromised.

What you may find could surprise you

The same way a background check may not prepare you for a loud neighbor or one prone to emitting foul fragrances, as records of such things are not always extant, such investigation may potentially suggest that the strangers next door – while perhaps annoying – are probably harmless.

But playing Gladys Kravitz may indeed reveal that your neighbors have made a habit of being trouble, as records of previous complaints, evictions, and arrests could be out there. It’s better to know.

Hi-diddly-ho, neighborino!

If your neighbor is merely a bit loud or what you perceive as “weird,” introducing yourself and attempting a basic human connection is usually the best, first course of action. Simply establishing a rapport could provide more than the needed insight for your serenity and peace of mind. Our imaginations, after all, can sometimes get the best of us, particularly when it comes to the safety of our families.

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However, we understand all too well that at times our guts know that such a connection is not in the cards, or perhaps we’ve already attempted one in vain. At that point it’s perfectly sympathetic to want to know with whom, exactly, you’re sharing a wall, or backyard, or even a greater neighborhood.

PeopleCheckPro is here to do what we can in helping you track down the answers, when necessary.

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