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Sheldon and Leonard
In many major American cities, costs have climbed to such astronomical heights that even folks with relatively healthy incomes need to split expenses to make rent on a decent apartment. This means a roommate, and for most it’s essential – for the sake of sanity, for one thing – that this roommate not be terrible.

Unless your friend, or a friend of a friend, has a space for rent, or needs to rent a room, at the precise time you’re seeking such an arrangement, you’ll very possibly be at the mercy – if you can even call it that — of online roommate listings. PeopleCheckPro can help you navigate the potential minefield of this seldom peaceful quest. One needn’t fly into such an intimate and potentially invasive arrangement blind.

Home is where the heart is (as well as where you hang your hat)

We likely don’t have to outline the various ways a hastily selected roommate can potentially disrupt your existence on a nearly molecular level. Not only could most easily imagine it, many have lived it firsthand.

eddie slobbo
We often regard our homes as a sanctuary, our personal space away from the hustle and bustle of the working world and general rat race. Even if we sometimes make a mess or a racket, it’s our personal mess and our private racket. It can be profoundly disturbing to not be able to find peace, stability, and even sometimes solitude, especially within the walls of our own homes.

Some listings for housing-share situations reveal themselves immediately (and at times hilariously) to be problematic, but as anyone who has seen (or lived) ‘Single White Female’ will tell you, sometimes trouble doesn’t reveal itself right away. Without recounting the plot of that 1992 thriller, let’s just say that Bridget Fonda’s character might have been spared a heap of trouble had she been able to run an public records search on Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Will he or she be otherwise disruptive to the peace and sanctity of my home sweet home?

single white female
A PeopleCheckPro search can of course potentially reveal some blatant red flags, in terms of a problematic individual (we direct you to the above ‘Single White Female’ reference), but it can also -– by possibly showing how long a prospective roommate has lived at their current place of residence, for example –- help you in piecing together the picture of someone reliable and stable.

Will he or she be a good ‘fit’?

two girls, tripper?
While being friends with one’s roommate is not a priority for all, a PeopleCheckPro search can also help one determine compatibility on a more personal level. Perhaps you and this “stranger” share a passionate interest, or already even have friends in common.

Every bit of information can be useful when trying to put together and maintain a happy home.

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