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MTV‘s popular reality series, Catfish, has been able to sustain four full seasons of television on the backs of the basic human needs for true love and connection, and the almost childlike optimism with which many will embark upon the quests for same. More weeks than not on the show, romantic hopes are dashed, as guests come to realize that their long-distance, Internet lover was not entirely (or even at all) what he or she claimed to be.

If the whole world knew to use PeopleCheckPro, the program would likely not have made it past the pilot stage.

Online dating is not merely a fad or a curiosity

Internet dating is, of course, not “the wave of the future,” it is right here and now how many people are meeting every day. A recent study from the University of Chicago found that over one-third of all marriages these days are the result of relationships first begun online. And before you scoff and proclaim this a symptom of an increasingly dehumanized world, the same study found that these relationships initiated in the ether result in longer, happier marriages.

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If more people employed the immense power of the Internet, and PeopleCheckPro, for not just finding and connecting with, but also researching and vetting their prospective dates, we’ve little doubt that those numbers would only increase.

You would do your research before buying a sofa, surely this is more important

When courting, we all put our best faces forward and perhaps even arguably fib a bit via omission. Wondering if your would-be sweetie is being straight-up and honest with you has been an element of the early stages of dating someone new since the first caveman asked a cavewoman to a cavedance. It is easier to spin things in an online environment, though.

Sites such as eHarmony and OKCupid provide their own patented methods of determining compatibility, and these methods do seem to aid in bringing like-minded people together within those communities. The element of trust, however, that everyone is filling out their questionnaires and profiles honestly remains a factor, and even the most savvy among us can sometimes be dazzled by cyber-smoke and e-mirrors.

Before moving things into the next phase with someone – whatever that phase may be – it sometimes just makes sense to be certain that what you think you’re seeing will indeed be what you’re getting.

Does he or she make a living in the way claimed? Does he or she have children, or even a spouse? Or on the other hand, is this person actually modest and not highlighting charitable works and accomplishments which may make them more appealing?

Your time is a precious commodity, and there are few worse ways to squander it than bad dates

For many, online dating can become a tedious numbers game. An oddly detached practice of sifting through countless potential suitors and hopeful overtures for approval and attention. While we may have all the time in the world for those to whom we eventually promise our hearts, we’d prefer not to waste the remainder on those with whom we’ve little hope of ever clicking.

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While PeopleCheckPro may not be the most practical tool for avoiding clumsy first dates – although make no mistake, we absolutely may be able to help there as well – we can possibly aid you in avoiding the all too common pitfall of an ultimately mismatched relationship or marriage.

While love, gratefully, will never be reduced to a science, the Internet if employed correctly can be an awesome tool for finding the right person for you; if you know how to utilize its powers. PeopleCheckPro is the height of those powers, right at your fingertips.

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