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Along with the more specific records potentially available in a PeopleCheckPro search – driving records, court records, and the like – you may at times be greeted by more general, fundamental results; census records, addresses, and of course, birth records.

A birth certificate can fill you in on a fair bit of minutia regarding a person’s origins – parents’ names, middle name, city of birth, birth hospital, etc. But, we might argue, that most interesting and important of all, it can tell you precisely what year someone was born.

A person’s age may very possibly recur frequently throughout a set of PeopleCheckPro results, as everything from business licenses to marriage records may include it. Depending upon what, if anything, the search returns, the individual’s age – and date of birth, if you’re looking to surprise a friend or colleague with a party or cupcake — is likely to be a piece of information contained somewhere within.

Maybe you suspect a friend or associate is fibbing, or maybe you feel as though an online dating prospect’s stated age doesn’t correspond to their photos. Whatever the case, very often this most basic piece of biographical information is available for those who know where to look.

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