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court records
Of the various pieces of an individual’s puzzle which can sometimes be available publicly, court records can be especially useful in helping to assemble a fuller backstory for a person who, for whatever reason, has piqued your curiosity.

Why would I have access to someone’s court records?

Under the Freedom of Information Act, all U.S. citizens have a right to access certain kinds of federal agency records. Agencies are required to provide records upon request, barring those protected from public disclosure (for reasons such as national security, personal privacy, and so forth). Local agency records are available as well, but the assorted laws protecting them vary from state to state.

In a general way, though, we as citizens pay for the courts, we utilize the courts, we rely upon the integrity of the courts, and therefore the full transparency of what goes on in the courts is entirely and rightfully our business. Our access to these records is in keeping with this unassailable wisdom.

Where PeopleCheckPro comes in is in aggregating these federal and local records, along with the many other public records out there (census, driving records, voting records, and so forth), providing a “one-stop shop” to possibly aid you – depending upon what’s available for a given search – in keeping your interactions, arrangements, and transactions informed and satisfying.

court records
 What will court records tell me, though?

There’s an unfair assumption that court records will only incriminate, where that obviously could not be further from the truth. People are arrested erroneously, and the court records will reflect that a case was dropped or altogether thrown out. People are out and out exonerated of criminal charges, and court records will surely reflect that as well.

An individual plagued with a frivolous civil suit may arouse your sympathies, or an individual’s victory in a child custody case may reflect well upon his or her current situation. None of these public records, in isolation, tells a full story; but in concert they can go some way toward answering burning questions, providing desired assurances, and sending you in the right direction of what further inquiries may yet need to be made.

What of my own court activities?

As we do like to point out around here, PeopleCheckPro is not just a tool for indulging an inquiring mind, or investigating matters of concern regarding others, it is also a means of knowing what people are finding when they do searches on you.

court records
We are not the courts, and we can take no responsibility for the thoroughness or accuracy of any of the public records the courts provide. With this stated, it’s worth pointing out that things you fear may blemish a background check are not actually showing up at all. Conversely, of course, matters you believed long ago expunged may still be out there and obtainable. If you’re unsure, it may behoove you to find out.

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