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Family can mean many different things to people. While it may describe the traditional, immediate “nuclear” family of parents and children, or the basic extended family of grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, the term can also encompass all sorts of more distant and tenuous relations; both blood and otherwise.

People have birth families and adopted families, foster families, half-siblings, step-parents, step-siblings, second and third cousins, and on and on.

People come and go as marriages begin and end, a close friend of the family may have always been referred to as “cousin” or “aunt,” only for you to discover later in life that technically speaking they were nothing of the sort. And as friendships sometimes drift, so too can these honorary relatives from your life.

Additionally, as time marches on, and life sends people in various and disparate directions, even immediate families that were once close can splinter and lose track of each other.

Helping to reunite these souls and restore these ties – so crucial for some of us and our senses of identity and context – is perhaps the most valuable service PeopleCheckPro can provide.

Thicker than water

While some estranged familial connections of the distant past may just be sitting on Facebook waiting to be found via the most cursory of searches, others may require a bit of deeper digging. PeopleCheckPro can potentially aid you in sifting through those with common names, and those with more discreet public presences, to help lead you to your desired reunion.

Family both known and unknown

Some have never had the chance to know their blood family, having been adopted in childhood. At times (although we must acknowledge not for all adoptees), this can lead to a quite sympathetic and burning desire to simply know from where and from whom one comes.

Anais Bordier and Samantha Futerman - separated at birth
While conventional, superficial Internet searches may quickly lead one to answers, often the quest to find birth parents or other blood relatives – with little more than a name and a location to go on – requires a bit of sleuthing. The information you might find in a PeopleCheckPro search could be what’s needed for tracking down biological family under these circumstances.

Mending fences and restoring ties

Families can inspire strong feelings and elicit from us strong responses. Indeed, as pretty much nothing else can. While it’s not always pleasant to talk about, in families communications can breakdown and rifts can occur. Brother has been known to turn against brother, or aunt against niece, or even children against parents.

As the years pass, however, it can sometimes be difficult to recall a grudge’s origins, and therefore to justify a continued estrangement from a loved one.

forgive and forget
When a resentment has lingered for so long that people have lost track of each other, you are faced with having to locate someone before you can patch things up with them. PeopleCheckPro is by design a tool for bringing people together, so it only follows that it might just be the tool needed for making amends and burying the hatchet.

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