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caveat emptor
Whether making a purchase big or small, buying from an unfamiliar online vendor for the first time can be a nerve-wracking affair. But while most of us are familiar with the Latin phrase caveat emptor (“let the buyer beware”), the lesser-used axiom caveat venditor, which warns that the seller too should proceed with caution, can be equally applicable to online transactions.

With the help of PeopleCheckPro you can address the big questions, and potentially feel more confident that the individuals with whom you’re doing business online are reputable.

Questions like…

With whom, precisely, am I doing business?

While auction sites like eBay provide user ratings and feedback to help instill some confidence that you’re dealing with a legitimate and reliable vendor or buyer, bulletin board sites like CraigsList leave you to your own gut instincts and optimism. Even a face-to-face meeting, however, can only tell you so much no matter how refined your abilities in sizing folks up.

PeopleCheckPro can help steer you toward the vendors and buyers most deserving of your business.

Is this person honest and reliable?

Even when a vendor or buyer can be verified as legitimate, that doesn’t ensure a clean business record. Is there a history of grievances against this person, or even criminal charges? Or perhaps, conversely, this individual is recognized as an upstanding member of his or her community, or has even been praised by colleagues.

for sale - like new
The fuller picture PeopleCheckPro can possibly provide may just be an invaluable contribution on the road to a satisfying transaction.

Who is this person I’m letting into my life?

Some transactions are done through the mail, and popular wisdom suggests that, whenever possible, in-person CraigsList business should be conducted in a public space. But when purchasing or selling something like a sofa, armoire, or even an automobile this isn’t always practical.

yard swing
If we’re to be inviting strangers into our home, or be treading upon their property, it’s only reasonable that we’d like some assurance that we’ll find the encounter agreeable.

Is this transaction the best option for me?

Sometimes our concerns are not quite as straightforward as just trying to steer clear of scams, fraud, or even awkward in-person meetings. Many of us also like to know where our money is going and, if possible, from where it’s coming.

Often with online purchases and especially sales, we do have choices; more than one vendor selling the same item, or many potential buyers having made inquiry. PeopleCheckPro can help you weigh your options and aid you in doing business without compromise.

The now defunct, New York area clothing retail chain, Syms, used to proudly tout the frankly excellent ad slogan, “An Educated Consumer is our Best Customer.” We here at PeopleCheckPro agree that – whether a buyer or a seller — when it comes to doing business, knowledge is truly power.

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