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In the modern world, nearly everyone’s existence has been recorded and indexed, in one way or another, in a publicly accessible form. Whatever your feelings on this, the fact remains that most of us are researchable through evidence created either actively or passively.

From the school, phone, arrest, and other public records existing for all, to the social networking accounts, blogs, and homepages many maintain to carve out the Web identity so crucial to navigating the modern personal and professional worlds, a portrait exists for each of us. That portrait is available to all who know where to look, and it just makes good sense to know what they’re finding.

PeopleCheckPro can potentially be an invaluable tool for presenting a more fleshed out and balanced picture when having your background checked.

Everyone makes mistakes

We are all young at one time during our lives (generally the early portion, unless you’re Benjamin Button) and many now good, upstanding people will indeed have had a troubled or at least checkered past. Some of us, it should be stated, made mistakes when we weren’t even all that young, per se, but all the same younger and what was many years ago.

In some states, DUIs and other arrests may be cleared from your criminal record after a number of years (generally 5, or more), but evidence of those arrests may still be floating around in the ether. It matters not that one shouldn’t factor in such forgiven and paid-off debts to society when sizing you up, as he or she still may.

Other debts not just to society, but to actual physical creditors, may also have been paid off years ago. But still, bankruptcy records, housing records, and other lingering remnants of a fiscally irresponsible past could unfortunately still be obtainable, and be used to tar you with the “irresponsible citizen” brush.

When you know what’s out there, you can get ahead of the false and unfair narrative such a, let’s call it, “noisy” background check could encourage.

Change the balance of signal-to-noise

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If these records do indeed speak of a now entirely abandoned past, a simple lack of recent arrests, and a currently strong credit rating may be all that’s needed to set things straight; in the view of some. You can rehabilitate your searchable profile more aggressively, however, via the numerous tools at your disposal in contemporary cyberspace.

A strong social media presence can readily demonstrate your healthy connections to family, friends, and even your greater community. A robust and well-kept LinkedIn profile, particularly one displaying kudos and praise from respected and easily researched peers, for example, can carry a lot of weight in some people’s eyes. Simply, you can put a lot of good stuff out there to drown out the bad, if you know what “bad” is out there.

The digital footprint

regrettable internet leavings
As the Internet is now sufficiently aged to where those who are full-grown adults may have been using it since childhood, remnants of the inevitable follies of those days might still be floating around. Or perhaps you weren’t a child, but it was still 10 or 15 years ago, and you were more naïve and didn’t realize your online activities would live on in seeming perpetuity for those willing to dig deep enough.

You maybe can’t eliminate all of your public records, but you can delete your ancient MySpace and long-ago abandoned LiveJournal. Through diligence, even stickier remnants – pages indexed by, old Usenet posts, and the like – can be nearly eliminated. You do, however, need to know what’s out there first.

Don’t let the public records and the whim of what the Web has chosen to retain define you. Find out what your background check shows, and gain control of your narrative.

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